Service Terms & Conditions

1. Software codes are based on a third-party server, If any unwanted changes occures then We are not responsible for a refund, but We assure you to provide you updated version as soon as possible. 

2. This software is not made for spamming, In case of any number ban we will not be responsible.

3. As this is a digital product so no option for return or refund once sold.

4. You have to install this software on your own, installation video guidelines step by step will be given. We also give you full training videos. 

5. Software is made for Windows 10, in case of using windows 7 you have to install .Net Framework (.Net will be provided along with software).

6. We are committed to support throughout the installation process first-time Only, in case of any issue in installation. And try to provide you free updates all the time.

7. Commitment of non-disclosure of customer's details.


With technology paving the way towards new developments, accessing, finding, and sharing information is easier than ever before. With a simple click we can make your daily tasks simpler and more efficient. Our sophisticated technology here at B-SENDER is ready for you to use at your own convenience. Download our amazing SOFTWARES  today and see how it can change your life!

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