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Service Terms & Conditions

1. Software source codes are based on Open-source And are designed to run on Windows 10.

2. All data on drives such as Video Background, Video Assets, Graphix data, and Software, etc are downloadable. Before using make sure you have downloaded the files fully.

3. As this is a digital product so no option for return or refund once sold.

4. You have to install and use the software on your own and use Video and graphics assets according to your need

5. Software is made for Windows 10, in case of using windows 7 you have to install .Net Framework (.Net will be provided along with software).

6. Once you have completed the payment, you will be redirected to the download, If not redirected due to a technical glitch then don't panic We will also send email with the download link manually within 5 Hours.

7. Commitment of non-disclosure of customer's details.

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